Listen Again

Servant King

14th December 2014

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God In The Dirt

God in the Dirt

30th November 2014

Bible Text: Isaiah 53 |

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The Blessed Life

23rd November 2014

Bible Text: Psalm 1 v 1-6 |

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A Biblical Response to Pain

16th November 2014

Bible Text: John 5:1-9 |

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In Remembrance of Him

9th November 2014

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 11 |

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Being Moved By The Heart of God

2nd November 2014

Bible Text: Genesis 1:26-27 |

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Engage, Enlarge, Enrich

26th October 2014

Bible Text: Acts 2 v 41 - 47 |


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What Are You Looking For?

19th October 2014

Bible Text: Luke 4:16-22 |

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Joyful Confidence in God’s Provision

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Joyful Confidence in the Saving Power of Christ

Joyful Confidence

5th October 2014

Bible Text: Philippians 3 |


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