Upcoming Events


Wed 22nd Oct 19:30 - 21:00 House groups meet


Sun 26th Oct 10:30 - 12:00 Sunday Service


Sun 26th Oct 19:00 - 21:00 reason to believe


Mon 27th Oct 19:00 - 21:00 Darts


Tue 28th Oct 10:00 - 12:00 Little Wrigglers


Vision and Mission



"Our mission is not the 'ministry of choice' for a few hyperactive Christians in the church. Mission is the purpose of the church." — Unknown


Our mission simply put is to “disciple our city, by turning not-yet-followers of Jesus Christ into fully committed followers of him.”


This is immovable and non-negotiable. This is the mandate Jesus set for his church. This is ‘the filter’ through which we decide what we do and don’t do.


Filter question: ‘How does this help us make disciples?’


The context for our mission is whole-life, wherever you are and not just in vicinity of our church building. All of life is important to God and He is at work in the lives of His people in every sphere of life, not just on Sundays. Gathered church is an important aspect of living out our faith together, so when we gather we want it to be meaningful and helpful for all of life not just church activity.


Whatever we do as gathered church will enable us to equip the people of God to be better disciples and effective in Jesus’ mission. Oh, and we’ll seek to have fun along the too!






“Communicating a picture of a preferred future that creates passion in people to live toward that cause.”


It stands to reason that if we are going to be effective in our mission of disciple-making we need vision of what we are going to do with the growth that this will bring. This vision is simply about influencing our city with the good news of Jesus and creating avenues to disciple people beyond our current single location on Exeter Road.


So our vision is to go...


Multi-Service | Multi-Site | Multi-Space



We will become a multi-service, multi-site and multi-space church for people to connect with God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit, by being responsive to the opportunities the Holy Spirit leads us to. We want to cultivate a culture of risk-taking and innovation that enables us to engage with more people than ever before – by having a ‘have a go mentality.’

Listen as Iain presented the vision to the church..

Duration:33 mins 55 secs