Big Picture: Day 350

Readings: Ephesians 1-6. It is difficult to summarise a book like Ephesians. With others of Paul’s letters, there are obvious key themes to identify. Letters like 1 & 2 Corinthians have a clear purpose because they were written by Paul in response to questions or problems raised in the church. However, Ephesians does not appear Read more about Big Picture: Day 350[…]

Big Picture: Day 349

Readings: Colossians 1-4; Philemon. Often when I read the book of Colossians I focus my attention on that amazing passage in chapter one which speaks of Jesus’ supremacy over all things. I’ve regularly read those verses at the beginning of Sunday services, or during times of sung worship, to encourage the congregation with the incredible Read more about Big Picture: Day 349[…]

Big Picture: Day 347

Readings: Acts 24-26. There’s something very powerful about testimonies. Millions of people have come to faith in Jesus through hearing someone else’s testimony of his influence on their lives. Often the testimonies we most celebrate are stories of people who have been redeemed by Jesus from obvious and life-controlling patterns of sin. While we are Read more about Big Picture: Day 347[…]

Big Picture: Day 346

Readings: Acts 20-23. As someone who preaches, I feel a particular resonance with one section of today’s readings. The ideal length of a sermon is a topic of much debate among church leaders. Some advocate preaching short sermons, in keeping with research which suggests a declining attention span among average people. Others favour longer sermons, Read more about Big Picture: Day 346[…]

Big Picture: Day 343

Readings: Romans 8-10. I have to admit, I’ve found these last couple of blogs a real challenge to write. Romans is such a rich book, full of deep theological truths and foundational doctrines of our faith. Paul writes passionately and powerfully; affirming our salvation, testifying about God’s grace, glorifying Jesus. There is so much to Read more about Big Picture: Day 343[…]

Big Picture: Day 337

Readings: 1 Corinthians 15-16. Have you ever found yourself working really hard and yet unnoticed? It can be very frustrating! When this happens, we can easily convince ourselves that all our effort is for nothing. That can be a very disheartening thought. Similarly, we can begin to think that way when we work hard for Read more about Big Picture: Day 337[…]